Lickity Bit Wrap

Lickity Bit Wrap

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Lickity Bit Wraps are a great way to encourage and reward your horse for accepting the bit. Whether you are just introducing your horse to the bit for the first time and want to ensure it is a pleasant experience, or your more experienced horse has a habit of clamping his mouth shut when you're trying to put the bridle on, Lickity Bit Wraps can help.

Simply wrap the tasty Lickity Bit Wrap strips around the bit for the real apple flavour to encourage your horse to take the bit. The bit wrap strip then dissolves quickly in the horse's mouth. There is also a peppermint flavour option for horses who prefer mint.

Tested and approved by professional trainers in the USA, this tasty treat wraps around your horse bit and melts in their mouth.

Naturally, if you're having problems getting your horse to accept the bit, we always recommend having your horse's teeth checked by an Equine Dentist and ensuring he's not avoiding any kind of pain. 

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