Equilibrium Trizone Open Fronted Tendon Boots

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Equilibrium Tri Zone® Open Fronted Tendon Boots are extremely comfortable, lightweight jumping boots that have been scientifically tested for protection against concussion, hoof strike impact and over-heating. All essential for helping to keep your horse sound when jumping.

Trizone tendon boots use a unique combination of layered materials to create lightweight, yet robust and effective jumping boots. Two layers of shock absorbing EVA reduce the risk of concussion injury, whilst the inside lining is pillowed and perforated to enable airflow and help prevent overheating. Hot legs are more susceptible to injury, so this is a critical design feature. This combination of materials makes these tendon boots flexible, lightweight and comfortable for your horse to wear.

Easy to fit to the horse's front legs with strong velcro tabs, in one size only (Horse). Matching fetlock boots are also available for the hind legs.

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