Equilibrium Muzzle Protector

Equilibrium Muzzle Protector

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The Equilibrium Muzzle Protector protects horses with pink noses from painful sunburn when turned out in the field. Sunburn can occur even on cloudy days and some horses can be awkward about having suncream applied or can easily rub it off on the ground, making it useless. The Muzzle Protector gets over these problems, giving you peace of mind that your horse won't suffer.

The Equilibrium Muzzle Protector is an effective sun screen, blocking around 80% of UV rays. It simply attaches via easy to manage hook and loop straps, onto the noseband of any headcollar. We strongly recommended that a safety halter is used for turnout, rather than a regular headcollar, so that if it should become caught on anything, the horse can get away easily without being injured.

The Muzzle Protector is designed for comfort, with soft padding at the noseband to prevent rubbing. Some horses might snort a couple of times when the muzzle protector is first attached, but they quickly get used to it being there and it does not impede breathing in any way.

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