Equilibrium Stable Chaps

Equilibrium Stable Chaps

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Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps are ideal to help horses with filled legs or arthritis and we use them on one of our own ponies who has a habit of standing on his own feet when he gets up! They're also great for keeping the horse's legs clean and drying them off after bath time or washing off mud.

Equilibrium Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps are comfortable for the horse to wear, being soft but durable, and offer superb protection, completely covering the horse's lower leg right down over the coronet band and bulbs of the heel, to help protect from cuts and grazes.

The lining of the Stable Chaps is a wicking material, which is great for drying and warming wet, cold legs after exercise, turnout or bathing. By keeping joints warm and maintaining effective circulation, they help to reduce swelling in filled legs and relieve stiffness and joint pain in horses with arthritis.

Fast and simple to fit and remove with strong velcro fastenings, Equi-Chaps Stable Chaps have a technical outer coating that repels shavings, straw, dust and dirt; is easy to clean and wash; and offers all the benefits of stable bandages but without the hassle.



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