LeMieux Prosorb Corrector Dressage Square

LeMieux Prosorb Corrector Dressage Square

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The Pro-Sorb Corrector Dressage Square from LeMieux offers all the benefits of a luxury Merino lambskin Dressage square with the flexibility to adjust saddle fit and balance, offering the option to use it as a riser pad to either the front or the rear of the saddle. Pro-Sorb gives you multiple choices in one product.

  • Includes set of 4 Closed-Cell 10mm foam pads, that slide easily into pockets under the lambskin to sit between the lambskin and the saddle pad. These insert pads cover the main weight bearing areas offering additional absorption and padding. The pads are made from a memory foam and soften when warm.
  • Half-lined with LeMieux's famous, top quality Merino lambswool
  • The Clear-Spine on the underside prevents 'blocking off' the key gullet area, relieving pressure and allowing air to flow.
  • Use as a riser pad for the front or back of the saddle.
  • Flexibility to adjust to changing shape of horses or different saddles - especially if a number of horses share the same saddle.
  • The neat low profile nature of the Pro-Sorb avoids distorting the fit of the saddle if just additional padding is required
  • Natural breathability and wicking effect of lambskin together with the light foam pads ensures minimal heat & sweat build-up

 We recommend using Woolskin Merino Lambswool Wash to clean this product.

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