Equilibrium Trizone Allsport Boots

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Equilibrium Trizone Allsport Boots are designed to be the perfect all-round exercise boot.  All Sports boots have fast become a tack-room essential as one of the most versatile boots on the market, suitable for a wide range of disciplines from endurance and racing to dressage, jumping and hacking.

The Tri-Zone All Sports boot combines great scientifically tested protection with breathability, flexibility and lightness. All these factors have been assessed in a laboratory, with leading riders then using the boots on their horses to test them for comfort and ease of use, to result in a truly effective boot.

These innovative boots incorporate a ventilated layered system to help prevent overheating your horse’s legs which can cause long term tissue damage and make them more susceptible to lameness. The outer layer is a combination of durable Rotex and an Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) mesh. It is hard wearing, yet still flexible and lightweight, and is designed to help disperse concussion.

The inner layer is made from shock absorbing EVA formed as a breathable, soft pillowed lining for ultimate comfort and fit and has tiny air holes to allow heat to escape. This encourages the horse’s natural cooling system of perspiration and evaporation.

In addition, a highly protective and ergonomically shaped integrated TPU guard helps to protect the vulnerable tendon area from strike injury. It is the cumulative effect of these layers that gives this boot its individuality and protection system.

Equilibrium Trizone Allsport Boots are so lightweight that they actually float on water, making them perfect for endurance sports where tiredness can cause injury and every ounce of extra weight is important.

Designed to be worn on front or hind legs as required, they are easy fit, easy wash and wear every day.

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