Equilibrium HoofMunch Snack Block

Equilibrium HoofMunch Snack Block

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HoofMunch by Equilibrium Products is a low calorie, low sugar, high fibre, cereal-free snack that provides extra support for healthy hooves. Made from top quality Timothy grass, enriched with biotin, methionine, and zinc, with added kelp, nettle & rosehip, HoofMunch provides a three-way approach to supporting hoof nutrition:

  1. HoofMunch is a compressed fibre block that adds fibre . When digested in the hindgut, this provides an internal source of B-vitamins, known to benefit hoof quality.
  2. The timothy base provides additional natural calcium and phosphorus to the diet.
  3. The nutrients and herbs included in HoofMunch are well recognised for hoof support, offering the perfect addition to support hoof growth on natural diets.

Hoof support is so important for any horse, but particularly for those whose feet tend to be brittle or slow growing and HoofMunch can be a rewarding and nutritious means of providing that little bit extra help, particularly after hard work. Even horses and ponies on restricted forage diets due to laminitis or being overweight can have a HoofMunch snack to keep them occupied. 

Sold as a pack of 5, each HoofMunch comes in a 1kg compressed block, sealed in airtight packaging that will retain the just-harvested freshness and taste for 12 months. This makes them easy to store, handle and carry without degradation or mess.

Perfect for use at shows, in the horsebox, after riding or just when stabled - particularly on box rest

Easy to feed, either wet or dry, in a bucket, on the floor or ideally using the Equilibrium Munch Net. 

The full range of Equilibrium Products' Munch blocks are accredited by the UFAS and NOPS schemes so are suitable to be fed to competition horses and ponies.

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