Equilibrium Trizone Impact Sports Boots

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Equilibrium Trizone Impact Sports Boots are tough, durable yet flexible and breathable boots specifically designed and rigorously tested for high impact sports such as cross country eventing, racing, hunting, hunter trials, driving and polo.

Like the rest of the Trizone range, Equilibrium's Impact Sports Boots are independently tested in a safety laboratory for their ability to withstand concussion and penetration whilst remaining lightweight, flexible and breathable. Impact Sports Boots are comfortable for the horse to wear, moulding around the leg with a four-layered protection system designed for high-impact sports.

  • The inner layer is made from a soft impact absorbing EVA which is formed into pillows to provide maximum comfort. This inner layer is perforated to allow heat to evaporate from the horse’s skin.
  • The middle layer is made from an EVA mesh which helps to absorb impact but also allows heat to escape freely from inside the boot.
  • A robust outer layer is made of hard wearing Rotex for high abrasion resistance. Additional outer strike pad areas, made from TPU protect from penetration injuries.
  • Strategically placed integral TPU strips form protective panels to protect the most vulnerable areas of the horse’s leg.
  • A vertical hook strap fits over the horizontal loop straps as an extra security feature to prevent straps becoming loose, even in muddy wet ground.
  • The vertical hook strap has a handy grip tab for easy and quick boot removal.
  • Designed so as not to catch on brush fences
  • Easy to wash and quick drying

By addressing equine leg protection as safety equipment Equilibrium Products has created a superior range of protective boots that undergo a unique 3- phase testing process giving the horse owner confidence that they are choosing the best leg protection for their horse. Each individual layer in the Tri-Zone boot range is researched and sourced for their advanced technical properties and tested in an independent laboratory before it goes anywhere near a horse’s leg.

Testing Phase 1 In the same laboratory that test standards of riding hats and body protectors, Tri-Zone boots are safety tested to their limits for their ability to withstand concussion and penetration whilst remaining lightweight, breathable and flexible.
Testing Phase 2 The boots then undergo trials by an extensive tester panel of horse owners and riders who test them for the fit comfort ease of use and washing
Testing Phase 3 Finally the boots go through the rigorous test of being used all day, every day on busy competition yards by teams of professional riders.

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