Equilibrium Therapy Magnetic Back Pad (Latest Design)

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Equilibrium's popular Magnetic Back Pad has been revamped for 2016 with a new look and fabulous increased benefits.

  • Includes detachable Quarters Pad to treat the quarters when required
  • Promotes circulation, helping to relieve stiffness and soreness - perfect for competition horses, veterans and those with back problems
  • Speeds up healing in horses' backs
  • Contains four powerful clinical grade Vitaflex magnets, using both positive and negative poles. This makes them very effective at keeping cells in a state of active regeneration
  • Moveable magnets that are flexible, comfortable and do not create pressure points for the horse.
  • Includes aluminium reflectors around the magnets to improve circulation and accelerate nutrient intake and toxin removal.
  • Easy to wash / dry and fit. Can be used all day / night and will fit under any type of indoor rug.
  • Comes with a stylish and practical carry bag.
  • 2 year warranty included for additional peace of mind

TIP: For maximum back health support, combine use of the magnetic back pad with Equilibrium's Therapy Massage Pad and Massage Mitt.


Colour: Grey with red trim

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