Sprenger Novocontact Single-Jointed Pelham Bit

Sprenger NOVOCONTACT Single-Jointed Pelham with Sensogan

Regular price £225.00
Sprenger's Novocontact bits have a unique oval shape to the mouthpiece, which gives an ergonomic larger surface area that remains in contact with the horse's tongue. The 16mm Sensogan alloy mouthpiece encourages the horse to salivate in a way that Stainless Steel bits do not, which is important for comfort and softness.

The pelham can be used either with two reins or a single rein (when combined with pelham roundings). The Novocontact single-jointed bit is ideal for horses that need the added leverage of a pelham but have a sensitive mouth and are not confident in the contact. Ideal for the show ring, hacking or jumping, but pelham bits are not dressage-legal.

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