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Horse Boots & Bandages

All aspects of your horse's leg (and tail!) protection are catered for here! Exercise boots for all disciplines from happy hacking to 3 Day Eventing and a hard day's hunting; turnout boots for the over-excited, the arthritic and the mud-fever prone; stable boots for warmth and injury recovery; travel boots, bandages... you name it. 

We select horse boots carefully, based on their performance and effectiveness at keeping your horse sound and comfortable. We're looking for a number of things:

  1. do exercise / turnout boots keep your horse's legs at the right temperature? Overheating legs can be a major contributor to lameness
  2. are the boots robust enough to do their job? Have they been strength tested for the discipline and/or purpose they're designed for?
  3. are the boots or bandages a comfortable fit for your horse, that will not rub or irritate him?
  4. how easy are the boots or bandages for you to manage - both in terms of washing and caring for them and fitting them?
  5. how effective are the boots or bandages at providing the protection they are designed to offer? Are strike pads tough enough and in the right places? Do they support the most vulnerable areas well? 
  6. if the boots are likely to get wet, do they manage the water well or do they hold water and get heavy?