Equilibrium Max Fly Mask

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Equilibrium's MAX Fly Mask with Ears is a popular choice to prevent your horse being bothered by flies and bugs when out in the field. Flies and mosquitoes cause eye infections, bite reactions and generally make the horse's life miserable. Fly masks are a great way to protect the face, where it can be difficult to apply fly repellent. The MAX Fly Mask has the added benefit of also protecting horses with pink noses from painful sunburn, using the muzzle protector.

Covering the ears, the MAX Fly Mask with Ears provides comfortable protection, high visibility (black mesh has been tested to offer the best visibility to the horse) and UV ray protection from the sun to the whole face. 

The stiffness of the material keeps the fly mask off the horse's eyes, while the softness of the elastic edging provides a close yet comfortable fit.

A really thoughtfully designed fly mask that is effective at its job:
  • Grey and black options have been scientifically tested to provide great vision for the horse (tip - don't ever use a white fly mask on your horse!)
  • Screens out 80% of harmful UV rays, protecting the horse from sun damage. Especially important for horses with pink skin
  • The fly mask's shape and design provides plenty of clearance around the horse's eyes
  • Provides excellent protection from being bothered by flies, midges and biting insects.
  • Protects the horse from developing eye infections from being worried by flies (especially vital for horses with Cushings who are more susceptible).
  • Soft padding at brow and noseband makes this fly mask very comfortable for the horse to wear.
  • A fly mask that does not need a headcollar to be worn when turned out
  • Elasticated noseband prevents flies getting inside and stuck, yet is soft and comfortable
  • Nose cover is easily removable if you wish to and fits back on easily
  • velcro fastenings make it easy to fit and remove, and ensure a close, yet comfortable fit, whatever your horse's head shape

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