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Acavallo Gel In Seat Saver

The Acavallo Gel In Seat Saver is the sister to the sticky Acavallo Gel Out Seat Saver and is perfect for you if you want:
  • better shock absorbency to help your joints cope with a big moving horse
  • to feel more comfortable in the saddle, even when you're going on a long hack
  • more stability in the saddle, helping you to sit more correctly
the Acavallo Gel In Seat Saver sits neatly on your saddle, fastening down the centre of the saddle's gullet and clipping neatly into the underside of the saddle
from the sides, behind the saddle flap, so as not to interfere with the horse's back in any way.
The Gel-In Seat Saver is not sticky, like its sister product, the Gel-Out, so you have more ability to move in the saddle, but without sliding around - think of it behaving a bit more like a suede seated saddle.It is also very comfortable to sit on and helps you to train your body to sit in the correct position without sliding out of place.
If you're looking for something stickier that has all the benefits but with added grip in the saddle, we recommend the Acavallo Gel-Out Seat Saver as an alternative.