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Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Fly Rug

The Bucas Buzz Off Zebra is probably our favourite fly rug! A really thoughtfully designed fly rug that is both comfortable and effective. Here's why:

  • At the chest, the fly rug has a magnetic clasp that prevents that problem of gaps appearing and keeps everything in position comfortably, without risk of rubbing. The magnet is reinforced with a traditional twist clasp over the top that is quick and easy to do up and finally a velcro cover keeps everything neat and free from risk of catching on anything. Brilliant!
  • At the neck, 3 velcro straps do up the neck, but the top strap is angled, so that the rug doesn't dig in to the horse's throat. There is then an elastic browband that doesn't restrict the horse but effectively keeps the neck cover in place without interfering with the ears or requiring a headcollar.
  • The neck is also designed to slide over the mane, with no seams to rub out sections. Mana from heaven if like us you have competition horses that need to be plaited and normally struggle with mane loss when using combo rugs!
  • The belly cover is detachable if you don't want it and is elasticated to allow for expanding (or decreasing!) tummies, whilst giving a nice close seal to prevent flies from getting inside.
  • The rear of the rug has both a fillet string and leg straps. Very neatly, the leg straps use the same D-ring as the belly strap to minimise the amount of metalwork required on the rug, keeping everything comfortable
  • The zebra stripes may make the fashion-conscious horse wonder whether you have a secret desire for a zebra instead but there is a point to it! Research suggests that the stripes confuse flies so that they stay away. Our tests have confirmed that whilst some pesky, persistent flies will still land on the rug, it definitely reduces the number - and those that do land can't bother the horse.
  • The shape of the fly rug is beautifully ergonomic. Your horse doesn't need a super-long neck for it to fit, it clings where it should cling and has minimal friction where it needs to move with the horse. Shoulders are lined so as not to rub or create friction.Â
  • Airflow is very effective, preventing the fly rug from making your horse too hot, even on the hottest summer days.
  • Easy to wash in the washing machine on a low temperature (best to use a wash bag, but we tried it and it still comes out clean!)

Most importantly, the Bucas Buzz Off Zebra Fly Rug just works! We have trialled it on our own horses and have been very impressed with it.