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Bucas Sweet Itch Zebra Rug

The Sweet Itch Zebra Rug from Bucas is made from a specially developed fabric that blocks entry from even the smallest of insects.

Particular attention has been paid to the mane and tail areas ensuring that they are protected to prevent the itch – scratch cycle that is synonymous with Sweet Itch.

The design is a full body cover, with a neck that reaches to the ears covering the whole mane area.

An elasticated, detachable belly flap covers from the elbow to the sheath, offering protection to the horse's whole body. A belly flap extender is also included for horses who are a little more er... chunky around the middle.

The Zebra stripes are proven by scientists to helps confuse the flies and deter them.

The rug also helps prevent the coat from getting bleached and features UV protection.

One of our favourite features of Bucas rugs is the chest fastening. Underneath the metal surcingle fastening is a magnetic snap-lock that prevents bunching and gapping that is so common and frustrating with many other rugs. A velcro strap goes over the top, to keep everything in place and prevent any danger of the fastening catching on anything. (If you've ever had a horse attach itself to a mesh gate by its rug fastening, you'll know what I mean... ask me how I know it's possible!!!).

The Sweet Itch Zebra Rug comes with a 2 year warranty.