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Equilibrium CalmMunch Snack Block (Single Pack)

CalmMunch by Equilibrium Products is a healthy snack, specifically designed for excitable or anxious horses and ponies.

Made from top quality Timothy grass and fortified with magnesium, B vitamins, chamomile, hops and vervain, well known for their calming properties, CalmMunch provides extra calming support for horses in stressful situations.

CalmMunch offers a three-way approach to calming:

  • it is made in the format of a compressed hay block - especially when used in conjunction with the Equilibrium Munch Net, it takes a while for the horse to eat it. This addresses the horse's natural need to forage and trickle feed in small doses over a length of time.
  • most horses will love the taste and stay at it, giving the horse something to distract him from whatever is making him anxious
  • the ingredients are carefully selected to provide extra calming support and nutrition

Sold singly, each CalmMunch comes in a 1kg compressed block, sealed in airtight packaging that will retain the just-harvested freshness and taste for 12 months. This makes them easy to store, handle and carry without degradation or mess.

Perfect for use at shows, in the horsebox, before riding, during clipping, vet visits, when stabled - particularly on box rest, or for any situation that your horse might find stressful.

Easy to feed, either wet or dry, in a bucket, on the floor or ideally using the Equilibrium Munch Net.

Our horses love a bucket full of soaked Munch block. Using 3 jugs of hot water + 1 jug of cold water to take the edge off, 10 minutes later the hay block will expand to fill the bucket. Perfect as a hay replacer in the stable, when conditions prevent the horses from being turned out.

The full range of Equilibrium Products' Munch blocks are accredited by the UFAS and NOPS schemes so are suitable to be fed to competition horses and ponies.