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Equilibrium Magnetic Hock Chaps

Equilibrium Magnetic Hock Chaps are the award-winning hind leg version of the popular and effective Magnetic Chaps.

Finally, you can now direct magnetic therapy just where you need it, right into the hock joints themselves. And without messing around with uncomfortable or ill-fitting hock boots! These magnetic hock chaps are super-comfortable, don't restrict the horse's movement, allow airflow and enable you to place the magnets exactly where you need them.

Magnetic chaps help to relieve navicular, bone and joint problems and stiffness and soreness, helping to increase recovery times from injury. They are particularly useful to help reduce pain and stiff joints in older horses with arthritis.

Designed for use in the stable, the clever design of the magnets removes any danger of pressure points, making them one of the most comfortable and effective solutions available.

Equilibrium Magnetic Hock Chaps use Vitaflex® magnets, which are a superior type of magnet, that improve the cell's ability to regenerate and heal the body, thanks to possessing strong, circular and permanent magnetic fields of alternating pole sequences that increase electric charge in the cell’s membrane.

  • Contains powerful Vitaflex® magnets
  • Ergonomically designed, the magnets are broad, slim and flexible to avoid pressure sores and are protected inside waterproof, removable pillow packs for easy washing and easy application
  • Magnets can be positioned where healing is needed
  • These Magnetic Chaps come well down over the coronet band, hoof and vulnerable heel area, as well as right up to the hock joint, allowing the magnets to affect these areas
  • Relieves arthritis & stiffness, making them perfect for older horses
  • Helps to reduce the soreness of injuries and aid recovery
  • Helps to ease the pain of navicular disease and other skeletal conditions
  • Known to speed recovery from tendon injuries