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Equilibrium Massage Combo Set (Massage Pad + Massage Mitt)

Equilibrium® Massage Combo

There's no muscle you can't reach with Equilibrium's special edition Massage Combo Pack!

Equilibrium® Massage Pad

  • Clinically proven to increase back flexibility and promote relaxation*.
  • Battery operated 30-minute sessions - give your horse a massage while you complete other yard tasks.
  • Choose the intensity of the massage from 3 different strengths.

Equilibrium® Massage Mitt

  • Reach the muscles in the neck, shoulders, hindquarters, and hamstrings with ease.
  • Battery operated 10-minute sessions.
  • Choose the intensity of the massage from 3 different strengths.

Have a horse in 6'6" rugs or over 16.2hh?

Choose our XL Massage Combo, specially designed for bigger horses

This pack contains:

1 x Equilibrium® Massage Pad (choose Standard or Extra Large)

1 x Equilibrium® Massage Mitt

1 x Equilibrium® Bag

2 x Equilibrium® Batteries

1 x Equilibrium® Charger

Additional Information

The Equilibrium Massage Pad was developed through clinical trials at Myerscough College, UK.

The innovative design provides effective, affordable equine massage. Proven to improve back flexibility and promote relaxation in horses, the Equilibrium Massage Pad was created to help a successful ex-racehorse.

The Massage Mitt is based on this exact same technology in a portable handheld device. This means the massage effect is not limited to the back and areas such as the neck, shoulders, hindquarters and hamstrings can be targeted too.

Using the Massage Settings:

The low setting can be used to cool down after work.
The medium setting is ideal to warm up muscles before exercise.
The high setting for when your horse requires a more intense massage.

Ideal to use:

  • Before and after exercise
  • When on box rest
  • When competing
  • During retraining or coming back into work
  • Anytime as a reward

Both the Massage Pad and Mitt can be stored in the handy carry bag. This helps keep them clean and dry, but also keeps them easy to use away from home! 


Store in warm, dry conditions. 

Do not wash or allow the Massage Pad/Mitt, Battery or Controller to get damp.

Disconnect the battery after every use to prolong battery life.