Equilibrium Simply Irresistible Feed Topper

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Simply Irresistible is such a useful feed additive to have on the yard. Horse hard to catch? Horse spits out his wormer? Horse won't take his medication? Bored horse on box rest? Horse is a fussy eater? This product helps to solve all of these problems, and more!

Simply Irresistible is made from only natural ingredients and available in two tasty varieties. It can be sprinkled on top of hard feed, chaff or forage to add flavour and variety to dull everyday feeds.

Each variety is packed full with an array of delicious tastes and textures, is full of natural plant antioxidants and contains a proven probiotic to support digestive health and help the horse get the most out of its feed.

High in fibre, cereal free and with no added sugar, Simply Irresistible is a healthy treat that all horses and ponies can enjoy.

It’s healthy to add Simply Irresistible to:

  • make bland feeds more exciting for good doers on restricted diets
  • tempt picky eaters to eat up
  • feed with medication or supplements in a hard feed
  • treat to horses and ponies on box rest or standing in
  • add to feed balls as an ideal size mix
  • simply feed as a delicious treat from the hand

By carefully selecting ingredients that combine great flavours, aromas and textures, Simply Irresistible ensures that horses and ponies get maximum enjoyment at mealtimes.

We have a horse with Cushings, who can be fussy with her food - especially since she finds restricted diets boring! She has Simply Irresistible in her feed so that I don't have to worry about her not eating her medication.

Another pony of ours has a sensitive tummy and can lose weight fast. So he also has Simply Irresistible for its probiotic benefit and to make sure he eats his food. It certainly lives up to its name with our lot! 

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