Fluorescent Air Waistcoat - Please Pass Wide and Slowly

The Air Waistcoat is a very stylish and comfortable Hi Viz waistcoat for horse riders.

Cut beautifully to ergonomically fit the body, the waistcoat is fastened by a front zip. It is fully adjustable at the back, giving you more freedom in what you wear underneath.
The 2 zipped hidden pockets at the front are large enough for car keys, phone, money etc.

It is fully washable on a 30 degrees then hang to dry.

With its cleverly designed adjustable back, you can make the waistcoat larger for the winter or for body armour and more fitted for the summer.

Available in fluorescent pink, yellow or red/orange, the Air Waistcoat is a must-have piece of Equine hi viz to keep you safe when out hacking or riding on the road.