Full 12 Month Worming Care Subscription

Never worry about worming again! 

Worming advice has changed significantly in recent years. Worms are becoming increasingly and alarmingly resistant to the drugs contained in wormers. This is a really serious problem for horse owners and can escalate quickly if not managed correctly. 

Why is it serious? 

Imagine a scenario where there are NO wormers available for your horse at all. This is a very real likelihood unless we act now. How terrible would it be for horses to be suffering from life-threatening colic and other health and performance problems, due to a high worm burden that we cannot control? Let's not find out!

But this is a genuine problem, while worms are becoming increasingly resistant to the few drugs available on the market. And there are NO new drugs currently in testing or on the horizon. So it is imperative that we keep the existing medications effective in killing worms.

What is the answer?

Our fully qualified Registered Animal Medicines Advisor is legally required to remain fully up to date with changes in medication and advice, and is able to tailor a plan just for your horse. 

What do I get?

In this 12-month subscription, for a fixed fee, you receive:

  • Tailored guidance from our Registered Animal Medicines Advisor, specific to your horse and yard management, regarding the worm care he needs
  • up to 6 worm egg counts per year, according to what your horse needs
  • 1 or 2 Equisal saliva tapeworm tests, according to what your horse needs
  • wormer(s) prescribed and supplied to you, based on your horse's worm test results, when your horse shows a high egg count, or otherwise needs worming.

How do you know which wormer to prescribe?

We prescribe based on test results and details of your horse's clinical history. Clinical history covers things like how you manage your horse, where he lives, what you do with him, how old he is, what his health is like, what his worming history is... and so on.

We're thorough for a reason! We don't want you to give worming medication to your horse unnecessarily, nor do we want to create extra work for you. 

But we do want to help you keep your horse healthy, and make sure he is fully protected against the problems caused by high worm burdens and worm resistance.

Simply sign up to the Worming Care Subscription and let us tailor a plan for your horse!