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Gumbits - Encourages Salivation and Chewing

Gumbits are described by the manufacturer as "chewing gum for horses"! Does your horse grind his teeth? If so, Gumbits are the the perfect answer. 

Tension in the horse's mouth can make the ride difficult and unpleasant for both horse and rider. Gumbits promote salivation and chewing, reducing friction in the mouth, leading to greater comfort for the horse and encouraging softness and submission. 

Once chewed, gumbits form a gel-like film over the teeth that reduces friction and helps to prevent grinding and associated problems.

Simply hand-feed the horse around 2 teaspoons of gumbits balls before tacking up. The effect from them should last around 45 minutes, enough for a decent schooling session or warm-up and dressage test.

Gumbits come in two sizes, so that once you've seen how well they work, you can get even more value from the larger pack.

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