Hands-On Horse Grooming Gloves
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Hands-On Horse Grooming Gloves

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Hands-On Horse Grooming Gloves are fabulous for removing loose, moulting hair in Spring and Autumn, as well as removing mud and generally giving your horse a great hands-on massage.

There are so many benefits to these gloves, they're a fantastic idea!
- can be used wet or dry
- excellent to use instead of a shedding blade to remove loose coat when moulting
- nodules on fingers and palms can be used for scrubbing or for massage to stimulate circulation
- helps produce a healthy skin and coat by distributing natural oils
- enables gentle cleaning of legs, face and awkward or bony areas of the horse's body
- comes as a pair so that you can use both hands, whilst still being able to handle shampoo bottles, lead ropes, stable doors and so on
- protects your hands, keeping them clean and free of dirt and oils

We use these gloves on our own horses with brilliant results. We find them really effective at removing mud and loose hair and our horses almost fall asleep from the massage!

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