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Happy Mouth Baucher Bit with Double Jointed Copper Roller Mouthpiece

Baucher bits are ideal for horses that don't like poll pressure* and who benefit from clear direction. The baucher's fixed cheek provides clear rein aids, while the double jointed mouthpiece enables movement over the tongue and relaxation, as the bit pressure is spread across both the tongue and bars.

*It used to be commonly thought that the upper lever action of the baucher bit adds poll pressure for a stronger contact. In fact, the opposite is true, as the movement of the bit upwards on the tongue, as rein contact is taken up, prevents a fixed pivot and causes the cheekpieces of the bridle to slacken. Tests have shown that actually this gives a "poll relief" effect - ie the baucher bit actually relieves poll pressure, rather than increasing it. 

This aspect combined with the Happy Mouth soft mouthpiece and copper roller in the centre of the bit, make this a lovely gentle bit that delivers clear rein aids and turning instructions. 

Copper is a warm metal, so it is soft and warm in the mouth (as opposed to Stainless Steel, which is cold and hard). Its use for the bit's centre roller is helpful in encouraging the horse to salivate. 

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