LeMieux Anti-Rub Bib

Does your horse's rug rub him? The Anti-Rub Bib from LeMieux is the solution!

We had a Welsh Section A pony who was elderly and struggling to maintain weight. As he got older, his withers became more prominent and were constantly at risk of infection from being rubbed by rugs.

So I tried the LeMieux anti-rub bib. Problem solved! The thing I love about this anti-rub bib is that it's so soft on the withers with its Merino Plus Lambswool wither guard, and it stays in place. It's also ideal for clipped horses who become more sensitive to rubbing.

The material is friction free polyester, combined with 4-way stretch bamboo panels. You can use the anti-rub bib with any rug, either for turnout or in the stable.

Belly straps are also elasticated with stretch bamboo and strong wide Velcro fastening for added security and comfort.