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LeMieux Breakaway Headcollar

Turn your horse out or tie him up safely with a LeMieux breakaway headcollar.

Breakaway headcollars are so much safer, providing a break-point if the horse gets the headcollar caught on something, or if he is tied up and panics. The force from the horse pulling to free himself will cause the headcollar to come away at the headpiece,  preventing your horse from injury to the sensitive poll, or other part of the horse's head. 

Having watched in horror as a horse pulled a gate off its hinges and ran down the road with it dangling from her neck, I can personally testify to the reality of this as a safety issue! 

And if, like me, you own a horse that loves nothing more than a good scratch on whatever they can find that's pointy, you no longer have to worry about them getting their headcollar stuck on it!

If you use a nose protector in the summer to keep the sun off your horse's pink muzzle, we always recommend that you only do so with a breakaway headcollar. 


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