LeMieux Closeshave Safe, Disposable Equine Razor

LeMieux Closeshave is a non-clogging, enclosed stainless steel razor encased in a comb.

If you've ever used a bic razor to trim your horse up for the show ring, you'll know just how uncomfortable that whole exercise can be for the horse, with great risk of nicks and cuts to the horse if they don't stand perfectly still (how many horses can do that while being trimmed, especially when the midges get to them in the summer??)

These days fortunately we know to avoid shaving the horse's whiskers, but the Closeshave is a really safe way to neatly trim bridlepaths, feathers and jawlines without risk of cutting the horse (or you!).

Closeshave is small, unobtrusive, taking up barely any room in your grooming kit or competition kit, and has no exposed blade, so your horse can still behave like a horse while being trimmed, without risk of cuts. Takes a lot of frustration away for you too!