LeMieux Merino+ Half-Lined Cotton GP Numnah

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Merino+ is the ultimate lambswool. As well as being denser and softer than the older sheep wool used in many rival numnahs, Merino+ has the added advantage of wearing better - the more you use it, the better it gets! And it stands up better than any other lambswool to washing, drying and use. This is because of the way it is attached to the numnah. Whereas sheepskin can crack over time, causing a weakness, Merino+ doesn't have that problem and retains its flexible, comfortable, hardwearing nature wash after wash.

The LeMieux Merino+ GP Numnah is half lined for added protection and comfort on the horse's back and has a clear spine that is swept up at the wither relieving pressure on the spine and allowing air flow. There is also a strengthened 'Signiature' girth protection area with double adjustable velcro straps for ease of saddle fitting.

Old horsemen used to say: There's 'nothing better for a horses back than natural wool' it promotes blood circulation - is fully breathable, maintaining optimum temperature in summer and winter - regulates humidity controlling the breeding of bacteria and skin irritations and prevents bruising, scarring, chaffing and pressure sores.

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