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LeMieux Pro-gel Curb Guard

The Pro-gel Curb Guard from LeMieux is super-soft and offers the horse vital protection from rubbing and chafing of curb chains against the horse's chin.

Without a curb guard, metal link curb chains can be just too uncomfortable for many horses. The Progel Curb Guard provides a discrete and comfortable solution that can make the bit and curb more effective for the rider's control and more comfortable for the horse.

The same soft gel formula used in Acavallo products enables pressure to be applied in a way that is effective but not harsh, as can experienced from the metal curb chain on its own.

The Progel Curb Guard its easily and discretely over the curb chain with easy velcro fastenings. Permitted in affiliated competition. Available in black only. For use in conjunction with any bit that requires a curb chain, such as a Weymouth, a Pelham or Universal bit.

NB: Curb Chain not included.

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