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Lincoln Glycerine Gel Soap

Lincoln Glycerine Gel Soap is essentially the same as the traditional glycerine saddle soap bar that we all used to use back in the day to clean tack. Except now it comes as a liquid gel in a handy container that you can hook over a rail / chair / tack cleaning hook or stand. So now it's way less messy, it's not sticky and still does the same brilliant job.

How do we know Lincoln Glycerine Gel Soap does a great job? Because we've used it on our tack, and we've had brilliant feedback from a car enthusiast customer using it on his leather car seats! Having tried lots of alternatives first, he asked for our recommendation and is thrilled with the results.

This glycerine soap is milder than traditional leather soaps, so will not damage those high quality leathers, but still does a great job of gently cleaning and nourishing the leather.

For best results, apply with a Lincoln Tack Sponge

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