Lincoln Ultimate Groomer

Lincoln Ultimate Groomer

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Ultimate Groomer is a shedding tool, brilliant for removing the horse's winter coat in moulting season. It also does a great job of removing dry dirt and does not cut or damage the horse's coat in any way.

Perfect to use on the horse's body, Ultimate Groomer gets the job done easily and painlessly. Simply gently groom in the direction of the horse's hair, applying only gentle pressure. Take extra care to be gentle over joints and bony areas, avoiding sensitive areas - any over-grooming of a single part of the body with any brush or tool can cause irritation and soreness. 

The Ultimate Groomer only needs a gentle touch, and is very effective. Particularly if you've been using something like a traditional shedding blade or curry comb for getting the winter coat out, this makes the job so much easier and quicker.

Used daily, the Ultimate Groomer helps to maintain a healthy coat and skin, promoting circulation and encouraging hair growth. Ideal as part of your routine to create that winning show ring shine.

Can also be used on dogs, cats and other animals that shed their coats. 

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