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Lungie Bungie Lungeing and Riding Aid

The Lungie Bungie is a gentle, encouraging training aid that relies on encouragement, not force. 

It was developed with top event riders Clayton and Lucinda Fredericks, and can be used both for lungeing and ridden flatwork schooling, making it one of the most versatile training aids available.

The Lungie Bungie is made with strong elastic cord that mimics the hands of a rider with good, soft hands, encouraging the horse to take the contact and relax without leaning. The metal ring at the front allows the rein to pass through smoothly, preventing any rigid resistance on either side. This enables and encourages a consistent feel on both sides and helps prevent a one-sided horse.

With clip fittings and three-stage adjustment, the lungie bungie is easy to fit and adjust to the right level for your horse. There is a simple quick-fit adapter to clip the lungie bungie to the saddle, for ridden work. 


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