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Sorbeo Wood Pellet Absorbent Bedding (Collection ONLY, NO delivery)


We love Sorbeo Bedding! Absorbent, cost-effective and easy to manage, it makes a great bed and saves you money at the same time.

Sorbeo is a 100% sustainable wood pellet bedding, made from sustainable premium grade timber from Scotland’s forests.

Pale spruce timber is fed into the sorbeo pellet maker which drives out every milligram of moisture, reducing the weight of each bag to a manageable 18kg, while delivering a much greater volume of bedding.

That means you’re not paying for unwanted moisture or unnecessary weight. That’s less weight to transport and lower carbon emissions. 

  • save money with less waste and a smaller muck heap
  • save time - quick and easy to muck out
  • lighter weight to handle than shavings bales
  • healthier and safer to humans and horses' respiratory systems than straw
  • needs less storage space than straw or shavings

Depending on how deep and big you want your horse's stable bed to be, a 12x12 stable will take around 6 bags from scratch, with the average horse needing 1 bag per week to top up. 

To use, simply lay the bag flat on the stable floor, cut the top of the bag open and soak with water (25 seconds from a hose pipe works perfectly for our horses). Leave to expand while you ride or have a cuppa, and you'll come back to find the wood pellets are now soft and fluffy, around 2-3 times the size they were when packaged. Spread around the stable for a comfy, clean and fluffy bed. 

Order online and collect from our shop in Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 2AF.