Equilibrium Stretch and Flex Training Wraps

Stretch and Flex Training Wraps by Equilibrium are the perfect choice for dressage training and warming up at competitions. Designed with the same lightness, support and cooling properties as the Stretch and FlexFlatwork Wraps but with a greater level of protection, Stretch and Flex Training Wraps offer the superior support of bandages but with the convenience of boots.

Very popular with dressage riders, Stretch and Flex Training Wraps are made from actively breathable Stomatex, which helps keep the temperature inside the wrap at a comfortable level. This is really important for soundness, as legs that are too hot are more susceptible to injury.

Ideal for young, accident prone or boisterous horses and those recovering from injury, Stretch and FlexTraining Wraps offer extra thick soft padding to protect the tendons, the inside of the cannon bone and the fetlock joint, covering the lower leg down to the pasterns. 

Perfect for flatwork schooling and hacking, Stretch and Flex Flatwork Wraps allow the horse to move freely, without any feeling of restriction. 

Sold as a pair but recommended to be used both on front and hind legs.